Analytics Pro 2 is a Universal App which works on both the iPhone and iPad.

Report Menu

Tile based report menu facilitates finding and selecting reports.

Website Previews personalise and enhance your visual experience.

65 Reports organised into 8 sections.

  • Summary
  • Visitors
  • Traffic Sources
  • Content
  • Goals
  • E-Commerce
  • App Tracking
  • Social

More than 175 drill-down combinations allow deep insight into your data.

Multiple Accounts

If you have more than one Google Account, you can access each of them and easily switch between them.


With so many reports available, favorites help you display only those which you like to view regularly.

Display Settings

The list of reports can be displayed in either a grid or list based layout. A website preview is displayed behind the menu but can be disabled if desired.


Daily visitor statistics for a convenient default date range of 7, 14, 21 or 28 days.

Choose the number of entries returned in each fetch (50, 100, 250 results at a time).


Fast on 3G, Wifi or Edge.


Analytics Pro uses the Google Analytics™ API to transmit and receive data.

OAuth 2.0 is used to authenticate directly with Google. No third-party servers or intermediaries are used.


Detailed Analysis

With Analytics Pro it is easy to drill down into your data to identify trends and refine your analysis.

Navigation is intuitive and easy to use.

For reports that have multiple dimensions, selecting a row will to drill down to the next dimension. For instance the Location report lets you drill down through the Continent, Country, Region and City dimensions.

Many reports have a Detail Disclosure button which navigates to a daily trend graph for the selected dimension. This lets you view how the metrics have changed over time for the selected dimension.


Segments let you isolate and examine subsets of your data.

Using Segments is as easy. Just select the one you are interested in from the list of Segments. Then, all reports that support segments will filter the data for the selected Segment.

The selected Segment is displayed below the report title in green text, so it is clear when a Segment is being applied to filter a report.


Date Picker

A new Date Picker UI for easier date range adjustment including date range presets.

Custom date ranges are now stored for re-use amongst other reports.

Time Dimension

A new Week and Month dimensions make it easier to visualise large date ranges and spot trends.

To display the calendar, swipe down on the lower portion of the screen and the graph will move down reveal the calendar.

Date Picker

The Date Range for reports can be changed with the intuitive calendar style date range picker.

Export & Print


Reports can be emailed as a PDF file and data can be exported to a Text file.

Print Preview

Preview and configure reports before Printing or Exporting as PDF.

Daily Reports can now be exported and printed.


AirPrint makes it simple to print reports right from your iPhone or iPod touch.

A few taps is all it takes to go from viewing it onscreen to holding a printed copy.



The Summary and Dashboard reports provide a quick way to see how your websites are performing Today, Yesterday or for a customizable date range.


The Summary report gives you a snapshot of recent visitor activity on your site in 9 sections:

  • Overview
  • Traffic Sources
  • Referral Sources
  • Top Content
  • Top Cities
  • Top Countries
  • Mobile Device
  • Operating System
  • Search Keywords


The Dashboard report gives you a snapshot of recent visitor activity presented visually with graphs and charts.

  • Overview Metrics
  • Session Trend Comparison
  • Top Content
  • Top Locations
  • Operating System
  • Top 5 Countries
  • Top 5 Browsers
  • Mobile Device
  • Social Network Referral


With 20 Audience reports to choose from, you can gain a complete understanding of your users:

The Overview report helps explore Daily and Hourly trends for the User, Session, Page View, Duration and Bounce Rate metrics.

The Location report to identify the Continent, Country, Region and City of users.

The Visitor Loyalty report helps understand in more detail how many times and how often users visit to your website.

The Age Bracket, Gender, and Interest reports learn more about your users.

There are 11 reports help understand what technology is used to access your website.

Reports display multiple data metrics such as Visits, Page Views, Time on Site, New Visits and Bounce Rate.



The Countries, US States & City reports visually explore visitor location using maps.

World Countries and US States can now redraw the map to display 5 metrics.

Rotate your iPhone for landscape Graphs and Maps.

The World Map with Pan and Zoom function enables you to easily visualise where your visitors are coming from.

Traffic Sources

The Traffic Sources report shows where your visitors come from, including links that display the actual web page that your visitors came from.

The Search Keywords report shows the Search Keywords visitors are using to find your site.

Adwords Campaigns summarizes sessions, users, pages and duration for your Adwords Campaigns.

Keyword Positions shows metrics for Ad Slot, Keyword and Ad Position.

Campaign Performance shows Daily Trend Graph for CPM/C, CTR, Ad Cost, Impressions & adClicks.

Ad Versions summarizes Ad Content for each Campaign.


Identify the most popular pages on your website with 4 Content Reports.

The Site Search report shows user metrics for site Search Keywords and Categories

There are 4 reports to monitor Events. Event Information can be viewed as separate Categories, Actions or Labels, with drill a down option to refine your analysis.

Event Trending shows a daily trend graph of Events. Select any day to drill down and view your Event Categories, Actions and Labels for the selected day.

The Site Speed helps understand page loading times and server connection times for your website.


The Social Referral report helps understand how users arrive at your website via a Social Network referral.

Data Hub Activity reports the activities where content is shared or mentioned on a social data hub.

Understand Social Actions by Entity and Source with the Social Entity, Social Source and Social Source & Action reports.


Three Goal Reports allow you to monitor your site Goals.

The reports summarize Goal Starts, Goal Completions and Goal Value and allow you to monitor daily, weekly and monthly trends.

The Goal Flow report lets you filter Goals by source or medium.

App Tracking

For Apps that use Google Analytics, there are five App Tracking reports to display App analytics data.

The App Name report enables you to keep track of App Screen Views. Filter by App Name, App Version and Screen Name.


The Screen Name report all monitor the screen views to identify which screens are most popular and the time spent on each..

The Landing & Screen Name reports show which screens users start and end their app usage.

The Crashes & Exceptions report helps to identify and prioritize issues affecting your apps.



Summary Reports for Today and Yesterday showing hourly graphs and summary data.

The Summary Reports include:

  • Transaction Revenue Graph
  • A Summary of key transaction metrics
  • Summaries of Top Products
  • Top SKUs
  • Top Categories

The Transactions report shows the Daily Trend Graph. Drill down through your data to see the Transactions and Purchases for any day. Includes:

  • Quantity
  • Revenue
  • Tax
  • Shipping
  • Conversion Rate Metrics.

The Revenue report includes:

  • Total Transaction Revenue
  • Average Revenue per Visit
  • Average Goal Value per Visit
  • Average Revenue Per Advertisement Click.

The Products, Product SKU & Product Categories provide individual Summary Reports for Products, SKUs and Product Categories.