Portable Project Management.
Projects for iPhone makes it easy to manage and update multiple projects on the go

Projects is the closest thing to a regular Project Management program in the App Store.

Easy to use

Projects has been designed with ease of use in mind. Adding tasks is simple. Menus appear when you need them. You won't get lost in a navigation maze.

Unlike other to-do type applications, adding tasks with start and end dates is fast and easy using the innovative touch controls.

Effortlessly adjust task durations with a simple swipe of your finger.

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View it Your Way

Projects has many ways to view your project tasks and you can easily adjust it to suit what works best.

  • View your tasks with dates or as a time plan.
  • Switch views or toggle Notes display with a single touch.
  • Display Start Date, End Date, Week Number or Task Duration.
  • Rotate your iPhone for a landscape Gantt chart.
  • Change the timescale to view Weeks, Months or Quarters.

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Flipping to landscape fades cleanly to show you where the project stands in a Beautiful Gantt chart.
Flashes of brilliance.
The keyword search, which can optionally be filtered by task completion status, works perfectly.
Lex Friedman, Macworld

Organize and Search

You have control over how to organize and manage your tasks.

  • Organize your tasks into Groups or Phases.
  • Manage task status - To Do, Waiting, In Progress or Completed.
  • Sort tasks alphabetically or by date.
  • Powerful keyword search to find your tasks and notes.
  • Edit and update multiple tasks at once.

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Updating and Editing

Powerful batch processing tools allow you to modify multiple tasks at once.

  • Set or Extend Task Durations.
  • Set Task Start and End Dates
    (The dates of linked tasks are automatically updated).
  • Change Task Status

Learn more about editing Tasks

The ease of entry makes it straightforward to update on the move.

Linked Tasks

Creating links between tasks is simple and intuitive.

Linking Tasks together allows the Start and End Date of child tasks to be automatically updated when a parent task is changed.

Editing and navigating the tree hierarchy is easy and intuitive. Simply select the Parent or Child task and the view will automatically update.

Learn more about task linking


Dashboard gives you a quick overview of all your projects. Press the 'Mode' button to toggle the information displayed on the dashboard.

The Due/Overdue Dashboard (shown) lets you view the number of tasks that are Overdue, Due Today and Due in the next 7 Days.

The Status Dashboard (not shown) lets you view the number of tasks according to product Status.

Tapping the Dashboard for a project takes you to the Task view, where you can inspect your project in more detail.

Sharing Projects

You can easily share a Project with colleagues.

You can send a project as an email attachment using the native Projects format PJ1. This can be opened from the Email App and imported into Projects.
(Note: Importing PJ1 from an email attachment requires iOS 4.0 or higher)

Several other file formats are supported for export when you need to send data to computers or other applications. These include PDF format, MPX format (for Microsoft Project) and TXT (which can be imported into Microsoft Excel).

Tasks from the project can also be sent as an HTML email. Useful when you need to provide team members with a quick status update on a few tasks.

Download an example PDF project plan created with Projects.

Example 1: A4 Landscape

Example 2: US Letter Portrait

Learn more about Sharing Data

Google Docs™

Project data can be Exported and Imported to Google Docs™. This provides another easy way to backup or share project data.

Learn more about Google Docs

No one believes me when I submit my chart and tell them it was created on the iPod Touch.


AirPrint makes it simple to print reports right from your iPhone or iPod touch.
A few taps is all it takes to go from viewing it onscreen to holding a printed copy. (Requires iOS 4.2 or higher)